Who is HydroMart Hydroponics?

Yes, HydroMart is a retails store for the Hydroponist - both beginners and seasoned veterans - but we present Los Angeles with many ways to enjoy the fruits of interest in plant growing:

  • Making available equipment and instructional information for projects in school for students, grade school through high school.
  • Partnership with the 48th Agricultural District for teaching teachers of 7-12th grade students and supplying equipment for in-class demonstration of Hydroponic techniques of growing.
  • Carrying Hydroponics into the field of home decoration aesthetics with passive hydroculture systems for living plants throughout the house or office.
  • Backyard hobby greenhouse or open-air enthusiasts who stay out of the soil for their best growing.
  • Furnishing the Hollywood Movie studios with Hydroponic systems and plants for movie sets of Space, Submarine, or Desert Oasis locations. Five studios now make use of Mohsen's knowledge and expertise.
  • Working with time lapse companies by providing plants to grow under a controlled environment.
  • Courtesy cards with a 20% discount on merchandise for science teachers and students.